Trimble have stolen my software


I have been a Pro user of SketchUp since version 7.
Before Google bought it.

I have all the bought and paid for Pro versions from then until now on my computer because there are various plugins and set ups that don’t work on later versions.
All of these were bought and paid for.

Trimble have deactivated the pro licenses on all of them.

They did not ask me, they did not tell me, they just did it.

No one said when I bought these licenses that they could be taken away by any subsequent purchaser of the franchise and I’m very doubtful this is legal.
Is anyone else in this position?

This is THOUSANDS of hours of work as well as all the thousands of pounds I paid over the years for all these licenses.

And NO, the latest version does NOT work on all of these files and I don’t see why losing a lot of excellent plugins for an annual fee for non existent support is any sort of bonus.

I want my licenses back which I bought and paid a lot of money for.

NOW I see why people pirate.


I still have every version of SU Pro my current computer can run, so do many other users…

I even have v5 on a couple of older machines…

what do you mean when you say they have ‘deactivated the pro licenses’ …

where they all on the same machine…

where they ‘Network’ or ‘Individual’ lic’s?

where they all ‘new’ full price purchases or ‘upgrades’ at reduced cost…

mine where all ‘upgrades’ from an original @Last licence, so I can’t migrate them to ‘any’ new machine, although I think I can move them round my local network…



All my previously Pro licensed (Mac) versions of individual licensed SketchUp back to version 7 have reverted to time limited “test” versions.
What is the difference between upgrades and full price? They were all legitimately bought and very few of them from Trimble. How do Trimble get to deactivate licenses they didn’t sell me?
I contacted Trimble and they cheerfully told me that they deactivate all previous versions when you upgrade.
They didn’t tell me this BEFORE I upgraded.


Like John, I’ve never lost a license on any version and I’ve been a pro user since version 3.

I think you’ve made a mistake in blaming Trimble. They don’t “steal software.”

That’s interesting. I’ve opened SketchUp files going back to V4 with SketchUp 2016 with no problem whatsoever. Kind of looks odd now to see selection in yellow instead of blue, though.

FWIW, Google bought SketchUp about 3-1/2 years before version 7 was released.


Trimble replied to my email confirming they deactivate all previous versions when you upgrade.
I just bought 2016, what version are you on?


I’ve been using SU2016 Pro since the day it was released.


I’m also on a mac, I have v8 > v16 on El Captain…

I’ve only ever heard of Licences being deactivated if removed from the system…

edit: i.e. if after a set time period you attempt to reinstall and activate using a now void license…



I’ve never had any issues with it, but this might be relevant…


I’ll come back to this now…

an ‘upgrade’ voids the previous license, It always has, most software simply overwrites the old one on purchase…

older versions of SU have always remained valid as long as they are in the right folder, on the same system at the time of ‘upgrade’…

if each was an independent ‘full price’ purchase, then they should never be removed by anyone other than yourself, and you would have grounds for legal action…

maybe @jbacus should pop along and clarify if things have changed…

it would become impossible to write Pro extensions if older versions are now purged by an ‘upgrade’ on a developers setup…



Trimble can void Trimble licenses, it would be good if they told us upfront first though.
I’m complaining about them deactivating licenses paid to Google over many years free and fair.

I don’t like Trimble’s licensing plan but I still sort of have a choice. Not much of one admittedly.

But deactivating licenses paid to a previous company in the understanding that the software was owned free and clear is very underhand.


What “Pro extensions” are you talking about?
All Trimble have done extension wise so far is make a lot of very useful third party extensions null and void without replacement.


I’m old and tired. I bought my first SketchUp license about two versions before Google bought it.
On my current Mac, they only go back to version 8.
None of them are now licensed and Trimble have admitted by email it’s because I “upgraded” to version 2016.

I LOVE the way I’m the bad guy for complaining Trimble have deactivated software I paid someone else for.
Really encouraging.


Wasn’t trying to license on any new computers, don’t have any.


All of mine just got wiped together.
I don’t exactly know when.
They were OK last time I looked (before 2016) and on complaining to Trimble they confirmed they did it.
They weren’t even embarrassed.


I write extensions, if I can’t test them on older versions the market is reduced considerably…

that line was intended for John Bacus [from Trimble] if he turns up after my ‘ping’…

no one’s saying that, I think both Dave and I are curious if their has been a policy change or if you had inadvertently done something to trigger this action…



Yes, I “inadvertently” paid money to Trimble for 2016.

While you are writing extensions can you replace the wonderful face generator I now can’t access because Trimble stole the license I paid Google for and now that plug in doesn’t work on any recent version?


From Trimble:

"Thanks for your note. Sorry for the confusion, I see that you have purchased a single SketchUp license and that you have renewed your Maintenance & Support Plan to upgrade to the latest version. When you start using that new license, the old one is deactivated. For more information on this policy, please visit:
We don’t remove any licenses, but they are deactivated as your upgrade to the latest version of SketchUp.

Please reply to this email if you need further assistance with this specific issue.

The SketchUp Team "

What they don’t tell you is that ALL of your licenses on that machine are deactivated.
Even the ones you bought from Google.


The unreliability is a deal breaker


pay ‘me’ and I’ll write any extension you want… [HUMOUR]

most plugins can be coerced into running in v16, and if you divulge which one, it may already have an update lurking around or only require a simple fix…

I appreciate your pissed off with your experience, but I’m also a user, not an employee of Trimble, same as you, Dave and Box…

don’t take it out on people trying to help resolve your predicament…



If you have active Maintenance and Support, you can ask Trimble for an older version licence as well. I don’t know how many versions back this works through.