Getting 2017 apro to accept license info

This might be one for @Barry
I had a PC failure, prior to the failure I had removed the license from both 2017 and 2018 Pro. When I reinstalled 2018 took the license info, 2017 will not. I get the error: Oops that does not look like valid licensing info…Trying to find the string in the revised knowledge base leads me to dead links. Is there a solution ?

I think your problem is that you licensed 2018 Pro before licensing 2017 Pro. You can’t do that. Remove the 2018 license, uninstall 2018, and clean the registry of any 2018-related files. Then you should be able to license 2017. After that, install 2018 and license it.

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By activating the 2018 license, the status of the earlier version is set to ‘On Hold’ , meaning you can not install it on a new machine. A license is tied to the physical machine (eg network adapter or Harddisc) If those parts are replaced, it will mean you have lost the possibility of installing the earlier version. BTW your 2017 was probably set ‘on hold’ by beginning of this year, when you activated the 2018. That is why there is a grace period of 30 days in which you do not have to activate your new license, yet. Sometimes, people skip a version, for instance you are working with 2016 and you wouldn’t have the need for working with version 2017 (because of your graphic card, which does not supported OpneGl 3.0) If they have never activated 2017 and because they have a maintenance, continue with 2018 (They also installed a new graphic card!) They can not activate 2017 at all!

Cleaning registry won’t fix the information in the Trimble servers…

I’m well aware of that.

Does this mean 2017 will revert to 2017 Make?

No. You would need to install SU2017 Make if you want it.

Why would you still use 2017 if you have 2018?
You would have to install the Make version, because the Pro version doesn’t convert to Make

[quote=“MikeWayzovski, post:7, topic:70821”]
Why would you still use 2017 if you have 2018?" [/quote]
There have been times I like to have another version on another monitor to use for reference instead of changing between files. One time 2018 crashed when I had different files open, one on each monitor. With 2017 open on the other monitor I have had no problems.

Thanks for interesting info about the license. Just for grins I am going to leave 2017 on board to see what happens. I expect it to go away completely.
Thanks Guys

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