License never sent, money was taken as per bank

I bought a license this morning, The money was withdrawn from my bank and I have not recieved anything, confirmation, license, not a word. there is no #, and all attempts to contact someone have been fruitless, the lack of ability to talk to a real person after they steal my money is disturbing, is there any way to talk to a real person???
this is absolute bullshit

Who did you buy the license from? Direct from SketchUp or from a reseller? Did you check your spam box for the e-mail?

yes directly from sketchup, I did check my spam,
I seem to have no recourse, as none of the support options will reply
Im very upset

directly from sketchup, yes I did check my spam

Trimble isn’t in the habit of ripping people off. I’m sure they didn’t steal your money. There’s a logical explanation for this. It is Saturday, though. They keep normal business hours Monday through Friday. Maybe someone from the SketchUp team will look in at the forum and can check on it for you. Be patient.

It seems to me if they are going to take my money, there should be someone to talk to live, I can’t even find a phone #, this isn’t a support issue, its a purchase issue and I should have some way to contact a real person. I just don’t know what to do now, and I need to access layout for a monday deadline

Sorry to get you in the middle, but there seems to be absolutely no way to contact anyone, its like Kafka’s Castle

I don’t know what to tell you. When I bought the pro license for my employer, the e-mail came through in about five minutes. I did it on a weekday, though. As I said, maybe someone will be along who can help. It isn’t unknown for members of the SketchUp team to look at the forum when they aren’t on the clock.

Hello @artcarpenter,

Please create a case and we will be happy to assist you with the license details. I will also PM a number to call.


Thanks Yogesh, They did get back to me, it was a glitch on their end,
Got my License! I was just a bit taken back thet I recieved nothing, not
even a note, yet the money was taken, and they tried to take it twice,
my bank refused the second time. so that was the nature of my concern.
THey did make it right as I kindof knew they would eventually. Thanks for
your response