Payment trouble

Hello everyone,

sorry to bother with my payment trouble, but I don’t know how I can go on, so I come on the forum to get some very welcome help.

here the story :

Hi, Last sunday (02/12), I purchased 2 Sketchup Pro licences for a total amount of 1390$ using web site pages. During the payment process, I got the message “payment refused by our bank” or similar. The process stopped there.

Because of the apparent unsuccessful operation, i had a second try , with same conclusion.

But in fact ,I later receive confirmation from my bank of the both payment transfer! I still have the proof of my bank transfer receipt.

So now I have big problems:

First, I have transfer to Trimble 2780 $, and received nothing, no licences, no proof of payment, no email, nothing…
Second, I just need 2 licences, not 4, so I would like to get a refund for 2 of them,
Third, I already tried to contact your services several times, and I still waiting for reply ( open tickets xxxxxx) . Even i don’t know if someone is reading my message? Today is Thursday 06 /12 (foreign local time)

I become desperate to get any answer from Trimble.

So can anyone has an advice? Thanks a lot. Ning.

• SketchUp Help Center: Contact Us

I already contacted SketchUp support team two days ago, my “support request number is 10190863”, and still waiting… "Someone will respond to you soon! "…

I also contacted others services, like sales services , and has ticket open too (case number 10189837, 10190865, 10193198…) . Why so many? Because until now, I didn’t get no any kind of reply. Even no automatic robot reply, so I had no idea if someone is aware of my problem…

Perhaps I am doing something wrong. If so, please let me know.

I have pinged several members of the SU Team who should be able to rectify this situation (I sent an “invite” to their attention just now). You will need to provide your email and a copy of the receipt from Trimble to them by private message. Do not post this information here on the open Forum.

Check your private messages for one from me.

I am not an official Trimble employee and have no authority to impact sales or licensing issues, but the individuals to whom I directed you should be able to find a resolution.

Thanks a lot for your help.
I will inform you of the final outcome.

You’re welcome, of course, and I’d appreciate being kept in the loop.

Thanks for reaching out, I replied to your PM, but also wanted to comment here. Any purchase issues are best sent directly to the SketchUp Support team here:
Please only send 1 case per issue as multiple cases can slow down our ability to respond in a timely fashion.

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See TY’s post just above yours.

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