Issue with Purchasing Sketch-up Pro software

I’ve been trying to purchase a Sketch-up Pro Subscription for several days now and each time I get the below error message;

“This transaction has been declined by your credit card company. Please verify your billing information and try again. If the problem persists, please contact your credit card company with the number on the back of your card.”

I have a contacted my credit card company 5 times now and they have lifted all restriction that could affect the processing of my purchase and have told me today that there is nothing else they can do and that I need the assistance of the merchant to process my transaction.

I have contacted Sketch-up via their Telephone number (3x), left a voice message and sent 2x emails via the Trimble Website… I have no idea what else to do?

I am looking to purchase this as I am a solo consultant and would love to show my clients 3D massing, I have deadlines coming up and would love for this issue to be solved as quickly as possible… Any help would be greatly appreciated and/or a customer service representative getting back to me would be even more appreciated.

Thank you so much.
Kind Regards,

I will send you a private message with some suggestions.

Same problem here.

Could anyone help, pls?

I can’t remember what advice I sent 15 months ago!

I’m not in support now, and don’t have all of the tools available that I had back then. I can see that you added SketchUp to your shopping cart, but can’t see what happened after that.

Could you use the contact page, customer support, message us option, here is a direct link:

I will tell them to expect a message from you.