Was double charged for sketchup Shop No way to contact technical


I’ve been trying to find ANYONE to contact, but apparently that is not allowed unless you have a PRO license.

When I went to upgrade to SketchUp shop the first time I entered my credit card information it said that it did not go through. I re-did the form and submitted and it worked. It charged me for both and shows that I have two upgrades. I’ve tried to find anyone to contact to resolve this and at every help or contact center it requests a Pro serial number, which I do not have, any no way to bypass it. Someone please let me know what the best method of contacting someone to resolve this issue would be. Thank you!


You don’t need Technical Support. You need Customer Service. Use this link: https://help.sketchup.com/en/contact/customer-support It won’t require you to enter a serial number or have a Pro license. Be patient, though. The staff have this week off for the Independence Day holiday so you probably won’t hear from anyone until next week.