Finding the contact to call in Trimble

I have been desperately trying to find a phone number which work in order to call Tramble. I purchased by mistake KetchUp for Shop and I should have purchased Ketch Pro. So I want to make an upgrade but I cant. I am asking for the product code associated with KetchUp for the Web but I cant find it.
I found the number +1 832 538 0210 but it does not work.
Can someone be kind enough to give me the right number to call or alternatively to give me their email address ?

If you just go ahead and purchase SketchUp Pro using the same e-mail address and password you used when you purchased SketchUp Go it should automatically adjust the price for you.

Unfortunately not. It wanted to charge me the full price of the Pro version. I cant accept to pay twice. So this is why I wanted to contact them to find out why should I pay a second time the full price.

Thisis the screenshot of what is choen what I want to upgrade to the Pro version. So you will undertand quickly that there is something wrong

Contact them through the Contact Us page at

It’s about 8:00 pm now so the Customer Service people won’t be available. If you open a service request they should get to you in the morning when they’ve gotten into work. Once you get past that page it should take care of the upgrade difference.

There was an upgrade option you could have used in your account page, but I see that you were charged the full amount for Pro.

If you contact support now, here:


support should be able to refund the cost of Shop on Monday.

Thanks. I contacted them and they said that if I had KetchUp Shop before, I will pay a lower price for the Pro version. Nevertheless they will not cancel the Shop version even if I purchased it by error a couple of days ago. So adding the 2 versions, I am paying USD 77 more than if I purchased solely the pro version.

I don’t know who you contacted, but SketchUp support doesn’t answer messages at the weekend. If you had done the upgrade you would have paid a lower price, but you did a fresh purchase of Pro. You also can get a refund for Shop without needing to give a reason for the first 14 days.

Try the contact page I gave, and you can tell them you were chatting with me in the forum, then they can ask me for more information if they are confused.

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