Help Problem in Purchasing

I tried to purchase the sketchup studio version (order number 92510161) and provided my credit card payment information which is now saved in my account, i received an email saying my order will be processed in 48 hours and it is more than 5 days now with no response, i tried to email support account email address mentioned in the order confirmation email i received ( also with no response! please need your help to purchase the Sketchup Studio subscription, i am not sure if my first order (order number 92510161) is processed or not, and i don’t want to be billed twice. please help

Can you use the program? When you log in your account what do you see?

When i login and go to my products i see no " no products yet" and when i check plan settings i see “no products found”, i understand that maybe my order was not processed but at least i should get a notification about that or a response to my 2 emails sent to support, as i mentioned i don’t want to make the purchase again and get billed twice. Thank you for your quick reply.

It is ofcourse Sunday and it will take another 20 hours or so before SketchUp employees in Boulder will start their new workday…
However, you should be able to use your SketchUp Pro trial if it hasn’t expired…

Well i made the purchase on Tuesday (July 18 2023) and i emailed support twice since then with no reply, my trial already expired long ago and i really needed to activate the product for a project i need to work on, sadly the purchase process is not straight forward like other software specially that it is subscription based, i don’t really understand why there is a delay in processing the purchase…

I couldn’t see any orders under your name or email address. There are nine accounts for your name, though of course some of those may not be you.

You can click on my avatar and send a message to me, if you can tell me the details of your order, I should be able to look it up. I couldn’t find an order with the number that you gave.

I had a similar issue a few years back, turns out my bank had blocked the transaction fearing fraud.

tomorrow it will be 6 days, you should contact your bank (in addition to talking to Colin) to see if the transaction vas actually done.

thank you collin, i will send you a message as sugegsted