HELP - Any contact for SketchUp Pro?



Does anyone please have any form of contact information for Sketch Up? I have just purchased a license after a great use of the free trial. However I have received no email or on screen reference or confirmation. Despite my bank account confirming the transaction and it being listed as a pending item. I cannot cancel it with the bank in order to buy it again, but I don’t have anything to say it has actually been bought?

I am in the middle of a client drawing, which is due for a meeting on Thursday, and am getting very desperate. Please help!


Did you check your spam box? If it isn’t there, try this:


Hi Dave,
Thank you - I have checked my spam box and there is nothing there. However, the online page where I was making the transaction, just went back to the beginning of the basket after I had entered in my card details.

Thanks for the link, I have already submitted a request, but it might take them days to get back to me!


In the meantime, are there any particular aspects of the Pro version you really, really need? such as the Solid Tools or the CAD file import/export functions? Can we help you with any small bits like that?