Classic License SketchUp Pro 2019 MacOS 11 Big Sur compatibility

Hello, I have a simple question, Will my classic license work after I update to MacOS 11 Big Sur?

The license type has nothing to do with the operating system version. The thing you need to worry about is that Sketchup 2019 doesn’t explicitly support Big Sur. It might work on Big Sur but it might not. The only version that is supposed to support Big Sur is SketchUp 2021.

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Thank you,
Do you know if there will be an update that would support SketchUp 2019 on Big Sur?

I wouldn’t expect any updates to SketchUp 2019 at this point. They generally don’t make changes to old, unsupported versions. Your best bet is to update to SketchUp 2021 or don’t update to Big Sur.

Officially, SU 2019 isn’t even supported on macOS 10.15 Catalina (which your profile says you are using). If you haven’t had issues, good on you. But there is no guarantee, and if you do find a glitch experience says there is effectively zero chance Trimble will patch 2019 to fix it.

Big Sur made significant changes to macOS. I haven’t tried it yet because my space navigator is not yet supported on Big Sur, so I can’t offer any advice about what will break if you run SU 2019.

I have to test lots of different versions of SketchUp, and in Catalina I found that 2017 and later seemed to stay open, 2016 would generally crash after a short while. With Big Sur I found that 2017 quit soon, and 2018 after a while. 2019 in Catalina seems perfectly good, and in Big Sur it’s apparently good too.

But, that doesn’t mean we are stating support for 2019 in Catalina or Big Sur, and if an issue comes up that is macOS version specific, we would only fix it in the 2021 version.