Big Sur support?

Hi. Is Sketchup compatible with Mac OS Big Sur 11.0 due for release today (Thursday 12th)? Has anyone any experience running Sketchup on the Big Sur Beta?
Cheers, Justin

Thanks for pointing that out. I guess that seeing as that statement was released in July I was hoping that those seemingly minimal issues had been ironed out in anticipation of “official” Big Sur release tomorrow. Looking at Sketchup release notes, a new version hasn’t been issued since August so I have probably answered my own question about the current release and compatibility. Maybe its being bundled into the hopefully imminent release of Sketchup 2021 (-;

A lot of very wise people delay upgrading their OS until they are certain it is stable. Let others feel the pain!


I’ve been holding off from Big Sur due to word that SketchUp Pro 2018 is not compatible with it. I also use SketchUp Pro 2020 and 2021, but have to use 2018 when importing 3D .dwg files as some components such as wall sections and counter tops don’t show correctly when importing into 2020 and 2021. This only works correctly in 2018. Any idea if this is still true? Thanks!

SketchUp 2021 is the only version that is stated to work with Big Sur. That means that if something comes up in Big Sur that stops 2021 from working, we would do something to 2021 to work around the problem. We won’t go back even to fix 2020, let alone 2018.

But, that’s quite a different thing from whether 2018 will work ok in Big Sur. I switched to Big Sur a long time ago, and I know that at least one of the developers was on it before I was. What I’ve found is that 2016 closes after not too long, 2017 can last quite a while before it might quit, and I don’t think I’ve seen 2018 quit on its own.

I am now on Monterey (macOS 12), and the situation is roughly the same. I don’t currently have 2016 installed, but 2017 and later are the same as they were on Big Sur.

I’m pretty sure that 2018 will work at least well enough for you to use when importing difficult DWG files.

Would it be possible to try one of the files that fails, so I can see if the problem can be fixed in 2021?

Does Monterry shows the problem with inverted dimensions text that some people have seen with BigSur ?

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Good question to ask!

When I had the prototype Apple Silicon Mac mini, I was able to see the upside down dimensions in SketchUp 2017. That was with the mini only connected to an external monitor. I didn’t see the problem in Big Sur on my MacBook Pro (Intel processor).

With my M1 iMac, I don’t see the issue on the internal screen, and I don’t see it with two screens connected, regardless of which of the two screens has the menubar.

I do see the problem when I mirror the iMac and second screen. It seems like the issue only affects Apple Silicon machines, and only if the single image is being shown on an external monitor.

While I have a chance to give feedback on macOS 12, I will tell Apple about that issue. I don’t know if they consider SketchUp to be a significant enough piece of software to care less about, but @MikeTadros is a persuasive guy (who happens to be off next week, but there’s no hurry), he may know who to petition.

I’ll try the Apple Feedback application first.

By the way, I don’t think that Big Sur versus Monterey has affected this issue at all.

Thank you for the helpful input Colin. Are you asking if I could share one of my .dwg files with you to test out on your end in 2021?

For reference, here are two screen shots of the same .dwg file import into both SketchUp Pro 2018 and SketchUp Pro 2021. Notice the island area that I have outlined where the counter top doesn’t import correctly in 2021, but does so perfectly in 2018. This alone is the reason I have to continue using 2018 on my Mac (currently running macOS Catalina 10.15.7) to import my .dwg files.



I can see the difference. Yes, I was asking if I could try one of the files that goes wrong like that.

Sure thing! Here you go and thanks!

There were many DWG improvements put into SketchUp 2019. One of those was the ability to import materials. There is something about your model that seems to make the import go wrong if you import materials. Try unchecking that option, and you should get a 2018 level of import in later versions.

Looks like that did the trick. Thanks so much Colin!

Try setting the face style to Monochrome. You’ll see that the model has a lot of reverse faces, which may or may not be important as far as importing materials goes. Would be interesting to go back to the original program and fix all of the face directions, and then see if materials imports without losing faces.

I’ll certainly play around with that moving forward and see what it does. Yes, I see what you’re talking about when switching over to Monochrome. All counters and some door and cabinet faces look to be affected. Thanks again!