SketchUp 2018 Pro on Mac OS Big Sur

Does anyone know if SketchUp 2018 Pro works on Mac OS Big Sur? Has anybody tried?

I failed to start SU2018 Pro on Catalina so I had to downgrade to Mojave.

What about Big Sur?

SU2018 does not support Big Sur. It might work but as history has shown, things could be flaky.

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As Dave says, 2021 is the first version to state it has support for Big Sur, but earlier versions can work, at least for a while. In my tests I found that 2017 quit after a little while, and 2018 quit after a much longer while.

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How much time did 2018 work, approximately? And did it work after restarting?

I’m thinking about upgrading to big sur, and firstly, try sketchup free online, and swap for more complex handlings to my desktop 2018 pro version (is it possible to swap models back and forth). Maybe later I’ll go for the workshop or pro subscription.

I had it open in the background, not being used. It closed itself after a while, maybe as much as two hours later.

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Is it still the case that SketchUp Pro 2018 does not work on Big Sur? I’ve been holding off from Big Sur due to word that SketchUp Pro 2018 is not compatible with it. I also use SketchUp Pro 2020 and 2021, but have to use 2018 when importing 3D .dwg files as some components such as wall sections and counter tops don’t show correctly when importing into 2020 and 2021. This only works correctly in 2018. Any idea if this is still true? Thanks!

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In case you only look at this post, I answered your other one:

Reading my own quote I may have misremembered whether 2018 quit eventually. I haven’t seen it quit in macOS 12 yet.

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So SketchUp 2018 does work correctly with BigSur, right? I’m still using Mojave, but if Big Sur and SketchUp Pro 2018 can work together I’ll definitely upgrade to Big Sur. Could you please confirm?

It may be that it crashed after a while. Currently I have one machine running Catalina and one running Monterey, I can’t test Big Sur for now.

Something to know is that you have a 2019 license that you haven’t used. I got the license system to email you that license.


Thank you very much!