Is my Sketchup 2018 the most up to date? Keep getting update pop ups


I am running Sketchup Pro 2018 v18.0.16976 on Mac pro.

Lately I’ve been getting a pop up that says there is a newer version of sketchup released. But when I click on the link, it just takes me to skp 2018. I’ve even tried downloading it to see if in some way it’s different than the one that I have, but it’s the same. Anyway to verify that I am in fact all the way up to date? or eliminate sketchup asking me everytime I open up to update.

Any help is appreciated.36%20PM



The pop up is indicating there’s a newer version of SketchUp 2018. It was released a little over a month ago with some updates for Mojave. Download and install the newer version so you are up to date and it’ll quit giving you that message.



Thanks Dave. So there is in fact a newer version. Can you tell me what the version number is for that update?
Should have mentioned I’m on Sierra.



It’s 18.1 something.

Since you’re using Sierra, you likely won’t see any changes (although you might) so you wouldn’t need to install the newer version. I would do it just so it’s up to date.



Perfect. Thanks for the help. I like to be up to date if I can. Does Sketchup have a way of updating without making it a totally new install?



The update will install without affecting installed extensions, your default template or custom materials, styles and such. The only place where you might see a change is if you saved custom materials into native or OEM materials folders instead of your own custom folders. The update is likely to overwrite those folders. Again, it won’t do anything to your custom stuff, though.

The only time it’s a totally new install is when there’s a new major version change. Then it really is a new installation. This is just a maintenance release, though.



Thanks for the info!

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