SketchUp Update


When I open SketchUp it says there’s a new update available, but when I click download SketchUp opens up a browser tab showing the SketchUp download page and then crashes. Am I just supposed to be downloading the 2018 SketchUp Pro file on the webpage? I might just be really dense here. I already have SketchUp 2018 Pro - is this a newer version of the same thing? Will I need to delete the existing 2018 version on my computer? See images



There was a maintenance release 18.1.1180 to address some issues with macOS Mojave. That is most likely what is triggering the notice you see. Unless you have upgraded to Mojave or are planning to upgrade, the SketchUp release probably won’t make any difference for you - it did not introduce any new features or bug fixes that weren’t specific to Mojave.


I am currently using Mojave. Any recommendations on how to get the update to work? I guess I just re-install SketchUp Pro 2018? Do I need to delete the old version?



If you download the installer from the Trimble site, you should get the latest update. No need to uninstall the previous, it will be overwritten (it will ask permission - note: this does not alter your preferences or other settings, just the executable).


Great thank you. At one point I had like 6 versions of SU on my computer and it was chaos. I downloaded and installed the most recent version and everything worked perfectly. I appreciate the help!


I am running Mojave and have downloaded the latest update but not installed. There appears to be no release notes that I can find and there is no ref to Mojave… bit nervous about the update not being supported - yes I know have updated to Mojave already but things are working OK at the moment having got the 3DCONNEXION mouse update - now I can use it… Anyone had issues with the update and Mojave? Where can I find release notes?


Bookmark it …


Thanks Dan, Doesn’t say much does it… Assume its safe to do with Mojave latest installed.