Sketchup 12 alway crashes / doesn’t work with MacBook Pro M1 OS 14.1

Why does MacBook Pro M1 with OS 14.1 Sonoma crashes with Sketchup 12 ? Had to uninstall Sonoma then reinstall Ventura 13.6. It resulted in Sketchup 12 working again. Does Sketchup team plan to support Mac m1 platform? If so when will it get fixed?

There’s never been a SketchUp 12. What version are you really referring to?

Your profile says you are using SketchUp for iPad. That only runs on iPads, not on MacBooks.

as Dave said, it’s Sketchup 23.

And no, right now, Sketchup 23 doesn’t officially support Sonoma. like every year, the big official support version will be Sketchup24
Doesn’t mean 23 doesn’t work, many people here already use sonoma. but in case of a crash, you won’t get a fix before 24.

yes. Since Sonoma can be the source of problems and crashes (see previous point), the best solution is to rollback to ventura. I’m on ventura right now, and will update to sonoma a couple weeks after sketchup 24 is released.

It does, since Sketchup 2020.

And as Dave said, please correct your profile, it’s… a bit abstract right now :slight_smile:
here is some help to find the right infos