2023 version and Mac Sonoma

Does anyone have any work arounds to solve the incompatibility between Mac Sonoma and the 2023 version of Sketchup?

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The best will be to wait for SketchUp 2024 which, it has been reported, will be compatible with 10.14. At this point in time it’s highly unlikely that SketchUp 2023 will get any updates to support Sonoma.

BTW, your profile says you’re still using SketchUp 2020. Sounds like it’s time to update it.

I don’t know why that is on my profile, I’ve been updating every year. I wish I was using 2020! I’d be able to complete my project that is due this week!!
When is 2024 supposed to come out?

Your forum profile is not connected to the version of SketchUp you are using.

I expect you’d have even more problems with SU2020 and Sonoma.

Generally the advice is to not update the operating system out from under what the applications you rely on will support. You could roll back the operating system.

I have no way of knowing. They don’t announce it until the release a new version. Anyone who might know wouldn’t be permitted to say.

Thanks Dave, Please LMK if you hear of anything else

I will let you know although I’ll probably find out when it’s announced here on the forum.

Right now I’m converting my sketchup files to 2022, and loading them onto the 2022 version of Layout…We’ll see how well it works

Converting them from 2023? The file type is the same so there shouldn’t be anything to convert.

I’ve been told by Sketchup support that I am not the only one with multiple failures/crashes when using Mac Sonoma with the skp 2023 version. Doing this conversion to earlier versions with both the skp and layout files seems to be working.
Waiting until skp 2024 gets released will put me in breach of contract, not an option!!

My point is that the SketchUp files you created in SketchUp 2023 can be inserted directly into LayOut 2022 without first opening them in SketchUp 2022.

If you have LO2023 files you want to open in LO2022, open them in LO23 and save them back to LO22 but you don’t need to do that with SketchUp files.

This has not been the case on my computer

I am not a Mac user, but I understand that all current and older SketchUp versions will crash when using the colour palette in the latest version of MacOS Sonoma.

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In macOS Sonoma, Apple changed something that breaks the way that the materials palette is patched atop the macOS color chooser. Reportedly this affects all versions of SketchUp, though some worse than others. So, reverting to an earlier version of SketchUp is not a reliable workaround. Only backing off to macOS Ventura is a sure fix - though that is not an acceptable move for many users.

Also reportedly Trimble has a fix in the works, but hasn’t said whether it will be released as a patch for 2023 before 2024 is released.

Thanks Steve, I’m trying to figure out if it’s an option for me to revert to Ventura.

I am a Mac user and what you say is correct. I turned back to Ventura to avoid this problem, but sometimes SketchUp still crashes using the colour palette.

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I am on MacOS Sonoma and have SketchUp pro 2023 via Trimble. I am a student taking a SketchUp course so I purchased the 1 year version. I wasn’t having that many issues with it until now- when I try to use SU_Podium_V26 it does not work.
any advice? is there another version of SU podium I can download that does work?

this is some of what comes up:

Error: #<Errno::EPERM: Operation not permitted - getcwd>

/users/mmcginnis/library/application support/sketchup 2023/sketchup/plugins/su_podium_v26/plug_in/podiumsections/supodium_section_tool.rbe:33:in `pwd’

/users/mmcginnis/library/application support/sketchup 2023/sketchup/plugins/su_podium_v26/plug_in/podiumsections/supodium_section_tool.rbe:33:in `module:SUPodium_Section_Tool

/users/mmcginnis/library/application support/sketchup 2023/sketchup/plugins/su_podium_v26/plug_in/podiumsections/supodium_section_tool.rbe:9:in `’

I was having problems with all of the SU versions (21,22,23) until I reverted back to Ventura. Painful solution, but I was at wits end.


Not a work around for 2023 unfortunately but Sketchup Make 2017 works fine on Sonoma. If you are able to downgrade the project you will be able to continue.

The crashing issue in Sonoma 14.3 does also affect SketchUp 2017, if you do the exact steps to show the problem. Even in 14.4, 2017 will crash with those steps.