Z for zoom puts a z in the FOV field instead of showing FOV Value


if i type a FOV i have to take out the z first.

Why do you want to type FOV? Just press Z the shortcut for zoom, then hold shift and move the mouse, the angle will change you can type there the angle you want.

really! whats the field editable for? Precision. its not a toy. unless you find it fun to play with. if youre doing product staging and have to shift the fov between scenes to get a perfect shot in the correct perspective. then you want to get it correct with multilayer changes and scene angles. its not normal in sketchup to press a keyboard shorcut and have it insert the shortcut letter into a random text field. normally when you pres z you can type the FOV and hit enter. If you use look around you can change the head height.

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If you type FOV sketchup will activate the offset tool then the orbit and then whatever tool you’ve assigned the shortcut V. just press Z and enter the angle of the field of view if you don’t want to move with the mouse until you get an angle that fits to your scene you.

who is typing FOV LOLOL. I type Z. z …

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There is a known issue with 2023 where certain fields have this issue.

Have you considered using the advanced camera tools?


Edit to add - this doesn’t take away the issue of the bug you are reporting - but it gives you far more control over the camera once you made the ‘this is not a toy’ comment above.

Here you said you are typing FOV

He means typing a number that is the FOV he wants.

Sorry I misunderstood.

Some shortcuts stay on the command line, C, A and Z are the ones I know so far, you must delete the Z before typing the angle.

Yes, but do be aware that if you type focal length, there’s a bug that enters the wrong angle. If you haven’t seen it, see my post about it here.

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