I may have found a bug in sketchup make 2015

I was working on a model in sketchup and i was using the field of view tool and for some reason i went to change it to normal and it was greyed out and it would not let me click it. the only way i was able to fix it was to import what i had into a new template.

What exactly was grayed-out? How were you going to change it to normal?

There is no Field of View tool. Setting FOV is one of the functions of the Zoom tool. Select the Zoom tool (which you can do quickly by pressing Z) and notice that the current FOV value is displayed, preceded by the caption “Field of View,” in the Measurement box. You can type a value (in degrees) and hit Enter, and the display will repaint using the new FOV value. You can also use Shift-Zoom to change FOV interactively with the mouse. “Normal” is generally taken as 30 or 35 degrees for exterior scenes and perhaps a bit higher for interior, which is to a degree a matter of taste.

You can also set Focal Length with the Zoom tool by typing in mm after the value.

This all seems to work in the copy of 2015 Make I just installed yesterday.


It only works in Perspective Views. You likely had view set to Parallel Projection.

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there is a field of view tool in the camera tab right under zoom and as in greyed out is was the color grey and would not let me click it no matter what i did i even tried exiting and reopening and it was still like that and weird thing is it was only like that when i opened the model.

ok then that’s what it was, i must have clicked on it and didn’t realize. plus i didn’t know that would affect it and didn’t bother looking at that, but now i know. thanks.