Field of View is set for 120.0. How do I change it?

That is the basic problem. I didn’t even know such a thing existed as “Field of View”, but I need to get it put back to whatever is normal. Can somebody help?

The “Field of View” is normally where the “Measurements” box goes.

Obviously, I went looking around for the “Field of View” box and I found it, along with instructions that I should just click on “Camera>Field of View” and set my SU Pro for “30”. But of course, my computer won’t take any kind of numbers. So, that’s what I’ve got.

Do as it says. Camera/Field of view. The let go of the mouse and type 30 and hit enter.
All text inputs are typed in mid air and they appear in the box and enter to finish.

Are you trying to click in the Measurements box before changing the number? If so, don’t! Just as with any drawing or modification tool, you select the tool and type the value. Click on the Zoom tool and type the number. Then hit Enter.

Thanks, guys. I got it figured out. By accident, more than anything.

SketchUp has all these little “rules” that seem obvious to everyone else, but they are not that obvious to me. I guess in 3 1/2 years of using SketchUp I never encountered something like “oh, by the way, if you hold down the shift bar and use the zoom at the same time, it’ll change your Field of View”. That just doesn’t make sense to someone who uses 90% right brain and has damage from a stroke on the left side of her brain (I’m putting that in there just in case is should have made sense - :slight_smile:). But I mean seriously! :grinning:

Every other time I’ve entered a measurement in the box, I’ve always entered it in the box.