How do I reset Camera View in the free version?

I have a problem that is described in this thread Perspective and Camera View Gone Wrong
i.e. the perspective has gone wrong. No idea how I managed to do this
The solution is to set the Camera/Field of View back to 35. However in the free version I can find no way of doing this. How do I correct this please.

Lower icon on the left > then select the ‘Zoom’ icon etc…
Or hit [Z] to get the the ‘Zoom’ cursor > slide the icon up or down on screen with the left mouse button pressed and while holding down [Shift] to change the ‘Field of View’. Or then just type 35deg and hit [Enter]

Thanks for the help. However I cannot make this work. On selecting the zoom tool I can zoom in and out with left mouse button and moving up and down. However holding down shift does not change anything, and typing 35 does nothing too.

Select Zoom
Type 35
Hit Enter

Hi again. Thank you very much for your comprehensive efforts to help. However it is still not working for me. When I select the zoom tool the field bottom right still says “measurements”, I notice on your video clip that it changes to “field of view” for you.

I am using Sketch up for web in Chrome, which I understand is recommended. However something is not working correctly

Did you really select Zoom (Z) and not Zoom Window?

SketchUp for Web in Firefox

I have managed to get around it with a bit of a cludge. Ctrl A, copy, Open new model, paste, delete old model, save new one. … far from ideal!

Just tried it again, and yes, I am most certainly selecting Zoom, not Zoom window

Just tried it again with my new model created by cut and paste from the old one, as described above, and … guess what … it now works, i.e. zoom tool gives me angle of view bottom right (now that I do not need it!)

Seems like this may be a bug, i.e. angle of view for some reason changed without me doing it, then does not provide a method for me put it back to 35

How do you copy > paste in a new SketchUp model instance if tat is not possible in SketchUp web free?
(Assuming that you are using SketchUp for web free as posted in this forum section)

Hmmm, another mystery! Yes I am using SketchUp web free, and yes it is possible because I have just done it ??? I could give you links to my before and after models if that would help diagnose the issue?

This is the model with the screwed up field of view that I cannot set back to 35 SketchUp

This is the same model cut and pasted to create a new model that has the correct perspective, and in which I can change the field of view angle using the zoom tool SketchUp

I see no toolbar on the left. This looks like the SU viewer to me.

Those links appear to use SU viewer. Here is a screen shot with the model in SketchUp web free with the zoom tool selected (but you tool cursor does not show on the screenshot)

In the image you shared now, the zoom icon is the one for Zoom Extents. I asked you before, are you really sure you are using Zoom and not Zoom Extents?

Yes, I assure you that I am using the zoom tool. It works correctly with the second model, but not with the one posted. Tell me how I record a video like yours and I will post it to show you that I am using the correct tool

Licecap for capture desktop.

If you use Zoom Extents in the problem file, do you still see the model?

What happens if you use the scroll wheel on the mouse for zooming? Then you don’t need to select that tool off the toolbar at all.

I always use the scroll wheel to zoom. Only using the zoom tool to try to correct the field of view angle that has somehow got screwed up

Here is a video clip of me trying to use the zoom tool to correct the field of view angle to 35 - it just does not work with this model, but it does work with other models that I do not need to adjust anyway