How can I change perspective in SketchUp for web?

When I create a new project, I am in a default camara view (I don’t know what it is).

I inadvertently hit a button and my viewpoint became a two-point perspective. I know that sketchup application has three modes (parallel projection, perspective, two point perspective) but there is no menu in sketchup for web

By using the search function in sketchup for web, I can only switch to parallel projection and two point perspective but not back to the default mode (I don’t know if it is “perspective”)

Is there any experienced expert who can teach me? Thanks!

Try the ninth icon from top to bottom on the right of the screen - Scenes.

Try zooming in or out while holding down [Shift]
That should change the Field of View, the feeling of perspective.

Thanks for the hint.
Get into the scene panel and I found that my angel of viewport is 120. (default is 35)