Can't change imported model to "perspective" view

Hi chaps,

A colleague sent me a model that he exported from Fusion 360 as a SketchUp model.
It worked perfectly and I can view and modify the model. Unfortunately it opened as a “parallel projection” view and I can’t change it to “perspective” view. When ticking “Perspective” in the camera dropdown menu, nothing changes.

Anyone come across this before or have any ideas?



Select the Zoom tool and look at the angle of view? Maybe it’s set to be really narrow which would give the impression of Parallel Projection. If that doesn’t fix it, upload the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

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10021 14 00 00 (7.8 MB)

I’ve uploaded the zip file as the unzipped file is too big to upload here (over 16MB).




Just changed the Field of View to 35° and it’s perfect!!!

I never knew you could do that.

You’re a bloody hero!!!

Thanks mate :wink:

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You’re quite welcome. The default templates have the FOV set to 35° but you can change it. Evidently the colleague did. It can be done accidentally if you hold Ctrl while rolling the scroll wheel.

I generally prefer about 27° for my SketchUp templates. Not quite so much wide angle distortion but still wide enough to show that lines run off to vanishing points.