Perspective Camera view not working

HI, i am new to sketchup, so i come from Fusion 360. so i exported most of work to sketchup files. when i open it, then i try to use camera perspective view, it’s not working and look so ugly in perspective, it is rather similar to “parallel projection” then perpective.
can someone help me to solve it? i really need so many perpective view to export to improve my 2D artwork.
thank you

skate board v1.skp (534.5 KB)

Actually Perspective is working fine. You’ve managed somehow to set the angle of view very narrow (very long focal length for the camera.)

When I opened the file I found the camera set to Parallel Projection.

Set to Perspective and Zoom Extensts. Selecting the Zoom tool, the Measurements window shows the long focal length.

Set the Focal length to something more reasonable and Zoom Extents again and things are looking better.

Not sure why you have chosen to show the skateboard on its side. In SU the blue axis points up by default.

Here I’ve reduced the focal length a bit more (wider FOV) and put the skateboard on its wheels.

skate board v1 fixed.skp (715.3 KB)

wow, [DaveR] thank you very much. yes, SOLVED.
and thank you again for solved my skate, how you do that? :smile:

You’re welcome.

How do I do what? Change the FOV/Focal Length?

Type a new focal length or field of view value and hit Enter.



I selected the skateboard and used the Rotate tool to rotate it 90° about the red axis.