[Solved] Weird distortion in Perspective view


I’ve recently noticed that Sketchup (v2017) a weird distortion in Perspective view in some models:

What should be convergent lines are diverging. Doesn’t matter which direction I look at the model from - same divergent but really parallel edges.

Changing to parallel projection and back makes little difference to the view. It’s as if the view is stuck in parallel projection.

What causes this, and can I correct it for this and other models? (it happens regularly for some models, but not for others). Seems to be model dependent, so I suspect I’ve got some Camera setting that’s gone odd and been saved with the model, but I don’t know why. or how to correct it.

This model is from the 3D warehouse, but it also happens in the (much) larger model to which it has been imported.

A freshly drawn, smaller and less complex model doesn’t show the same effect, even when opened immediately after this one.

AHA: Just checked the Field of View in the distorted model. It’s somehow got stuck at 1°! Changing it to a more normal 35° solves the problem.


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