Does the sketchup viewer 2021 have "2 point perspective" tab?

two Q please help:

1-I am using the SketchUp viewer free version. I looked under the camera tab and i do not see
" 2 point perspective " where is it located? I see only “perspective” tab.
Please help advise?

2- Also I do not see Position Camera tool where is that ?

I can’t answer your questions but I moved your post to the SketchUp Viewer forum category.

If you mean the SketchUp Viewer desktop application, the Camera menu on Windows does have Perspective and Parallel Projection. It doesn’t have Two-Point Perspective. If you need someone to see two-point perspective you could create scenes in your model, and then they can go to that scene to get the right view.

On Windows there is no Camera Position option. I have logged a request for that feature. Again you could use scenes as a way to place the user on the ground, and then they can use the Walk tool to move around.

I think the release notes of the Desktop Viewer pretty much stayed the same for the past decade and consist of one single line (‘Added support for fileformat version 20xx’)
With the new fileformat you might get a chance, because it should now be able to open future releases.

ok thanks. need to know if these applications are in or not in SketchUp viewer or it is in SketchUp pro?

we are illustrators and we like just to view the models send by architects . so they ask to view by 2 point perspective!!! which is not there!! I guess is it in the pro version? which we do not have

There isn’t a Pro version of the Viewer app. It’s your architects who should add scenes to the file, so that you can then get to the views they want you to see, in a single click.

so your saying my arch has create the 2 point perspective , only then , I can see it that way when i use the SketchUp viewer?

Might make more sense to have SketchUp Pro yourself so you can make the views you want from the SketchUp model. That way you don’t have to trouble the architect to make the views you need. That would save you time and effort and you wouldn’t be waiting on the architect to get you what you need.