No Position Camera tool in SketchUp Viewer desktop?


I need to be able to send clients .skp files for them to look at via SketchUp viewer.

The SketchUp Viewer app for mobile has the Position Camera tool which is fantastic as you can set the height of the camera and then walk/look around the model from that vantage point.

When trying the same thing with the desktop version of SketchUp viewer I’ve noticed that the Look Around and Walk tools are present but not the Position Camera tool…

Am I missing something? It seems rather pointless having the former tools without the latter!


The tools don’t show a Position Camera option, but the Camera menu does.

That is odd, that the Mac version does have Position Camera, but Windows doesn’t. I’m trying to find out why that is.

In the meantime, the viewer should show scenes, and you could save a scene with the camera already positioned.

I have logged a bug report about the issue.

Great, thanks Colin.

Using scenes is a good workaround but it’d be great to have that feature present.

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One of the perhaps less exciting things I have to do in QA is to verify that the Instructor panel is formatted correctly. I happened to be doing that for the Walk tool this morning, and one of the modifier keys reminded me of one option.

If you press the Shift key while walking, it adjusts the eye height. You see the height displayed, and can either shift to a desired height, or just subjectively adjust your height until things look right.

I did notice that in the Viewer the readout is coarse, like it will say ~2m, instead of 1.75m, but at least your clients can adjust their eye height away from what your scene has set it to be.