Where is camera position tool in the free viewer?

I have just been sent a SketchUp file by my architect so I’ve downloaded the free viewer.

The tutorial mentions three key tools for moving around - Camera | Walk, Camera | Look around, Camera | Position. Unfortunately, my Camera menu only contains the first two items. Where is the third - Camera | Position?

If I can’t position the camera then this tool is useless to me.

For desktop, the Position Camera is available in Pro version. However in viewer you can set the Eye Hight in Walk or Look around tool.

You can also use the free web app ( https://app.sketchup.com/ ) where the Position Camera tool is available - to the best of my knowledge. User interface is different than the desktop version.

I would ask your architect to be somewhat more proactive with there presentation. There are various better options than the two free viewers, not sure which one you are using.
Just sending someone a sketchup model is not an ideal way of sharing info.
They really should have set you up with a Trimble Connect login so you could view and comment.
Or do a direct share where you wouldn’t have to download anything.

You may only need to understand the navigation tools better, you can orbit around by pressing down on the scroll wheel and zoom in and out with the scroll wheel.

Thanks for your comments.

My architect is only doing what I asked of him. We’re using SketchUp to look at options on some design issues and I want to pay him for doing that rather than generating nice presentations. I had hoped that it would be a simple matter to move throughout the SketchUp 3D model of the building using the Viewer App. However, rather than using a simple metaphor like a virtual tripod that could be placed in a room (set camera position) so that standard controls like pan, tilt and zoom could be used to look at things, the Viewer App uses an approach that is more like flying a helicopter around the building. I did eventually work out how to fly the App, but only after spending 20 minutes on the phone to a helpful (and patient) guy from support. I still frequently crash and burn as I unexpectedly fly into other rooms and spaces. It’s far from elegant and has wasted a few hours of my time. I’ve also discovered that I need to pay my architect to create view points (preset camera positions) in each room as ‘eyes’, ‘feet’ and ‘rotate’ tools only allow limited movement within a room.

I did try the Web based app (Trimble Connect?), but it just crashed upon loading my files.

Try making a Trimble ID and sign into the free web application here. SketchUp for web, not Trimble Connect.

Then you can open your .skp file there and take advantage of the navigation tools available there. Tripod places the camera as you suggested, eye looks around from a set position, and the walk around tool allows you to navigate using the arrow keys with the eye height a set distance from the floor.


More fun to “Walk Around” using the Left mouse button instead of the arrow keys, far more controle. And the Lmouse button combined with [Shift] changes the height simultaniously.

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Absolutely, the walk around tool works brilliantly with the mouse. Some beginners to 3D space may find the arrow keys a flatter learning curve. Good to have options.:+1:

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