Web Version Key Question ref capability please

Hi I am looking at the free online version at moment. Was wondering if i could position myself inside the room iv’e attached a picture of… THEN look round the room as if im turning myself around it. When it meets a wall surface I wouldn’t want to see geometry outside/beyond that surface. The position and walk/around commands etc etc don’t seem to do what i want. Thoughts?. Image attached… Thanks

Ah gosh… how do i attach image to my post?..

Did you try the “Look around” tool?


There’s no collision detection between the camera and the geometry so, no. Place the camera appropriately to avoid the geometry.

Most people drag and drop the image into their post. You could also use the Upload button in the row of icons across the top of the message window.

Ah walkaround does help. Thanks. Simulating me spinning around in real room i would want the ‘walk around’ to allow arrow keys that keep the same standing position… Ive tried to see if pc keyboard arrow keys work but seems not. That would likely fit my needs if i also take valued comments above… Thoughts ref keys?

I can get the pc version if needed but my friend suggests the walk around works the same as they couldnt answer. No im not here just to do hobby stuff but want to see what intro to sketchup can do before taking plunge. I also notice that in walk around mode you cant do a zoom in out so that doesnt help either when just trying… Or can it?

Scenes are just captures to revisit… i only want to look around as suggested, not save… no arrow keys really could be the thing that turns me away which disappointing as it looks a neat tool does sketchup

will ask my friend to see if he can try out extensions to turn on keyboard… where could he search to find the extension please for pc version?

i meant extension for keypad left right arrows etc

Hi Ive tried your suggests. Seems my problem is that ‘position camera’ always zooms in to its chosen zoom amount. If i could zoom whilst still in the walk around mode, it would fix my needs. When inserting eg line, you can zoom then resume line creation… zoom breaks the walk around more…

yes zoom so close to the position camera location… if i could zoom out i wouldnt perhaps need keys

you can use the arrow keys to move around if you activate the visit tool

Capture d’écran 2023-10-31 à 18.38.47

the camera on a tripod allows you to place your view on a specific point at a specific altitude (before looking or moving around)

the eye tool is only to turn your head while standing still.

the guy wuith a walking stick is the visit tool, it allows you to move around with either mouse or arrows of the keyboard.

the last one changes the degree of the field of view. wide angle to close up on detail.

You should check this video. icons have changed, but basically it works the same.

Wow ateliernab … flipping between lookaround and walk starts to give me something somewhat closer to what im after. Thanks so much. Im now trying to find the icon options you mentioned that arent covered in video. My friend can try for me.

i think it would be cool if could zoom in walkaround and/or walk mode but zoom loses the positioncamera… going back to position camera zooms in again…

You might be able to zoom if your mouse has a scroll wheel. I dont use walk-around that ofteren to see if that works.

yes it works. the thing with camera, when you’re in perspective, is that zooming or orbiting is physically moving the camera around in space. like a drone.

when you use the visit tools I mentioned earlier, it’s the same. you just have different controls over it.

The orbit makes the camera turn around a point on your screen. the eye makes the camera turn on itself, not moving in space.
The zoom makes your camera move forward and backward uncontrollably, the visit tool makes your camera move in space BUT remain level.

Zooming on a door handle is like physically moving in space until your eyeball is cm away from the handle, crouching next to the door.
using the visit tool makes you remain standing up.

I will see what behaviour I can get using a mouse… Thankyou


Looking around your model

If you position SketchUp’s camera with the Position Camera tool, then SketchUp automatically activates the Look Around tool (). You can also activate the Look Around tool by selecting the tool itself.

The Look Around tool’s cursor looks like an eye, to emphasize that it’s simulating looking around a model at eye height. When you’re in the Look Around tool, the Measurements box is ready to accept an Eye Height value anytime. Just type a value and press Enter. Note that the value you type is relative to the ground plane, not a surface in your model.

To do some actual looking around, click and drag the Look Around cursor left, right, up, or down -
whichever way you’d like to turn your simulated head.

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Yes im aware of those options but thanks for your kind explanation. I want to zoom out whilst in lookaround mode but doesnt see possible…

While in ‘Look Around’ you can back off with the Mmouse scrollwheel. Or scrolling opposite direction you’ll position the camera closer to your target. Let go of the wheel and you can look around from that new pin position.

This way you can even relocate the camera at a different height, then look around from this new height.