Where are my Guides?

I’m just starting and doing the trial version. In the 3rd Getting Started video, I’m trying to place guides for windows. About 1 out of 3 seems to fall outside of my drawing and I can’t snap to it to draw the windows. I’ve deleted guides, tried again. Usually can get 2 or three to show up, but not every one.

Saw something about this pop up to the right as I was typing, but couldn’t figure out how to access it to read the whole post.

Upload an example SKP file so we can see what you are getting.

Yes. I just found that upload icon.

It looks like that guideline is actually behind the face so of course it wouldn’t show then. Orbit around to the opposite side and look. You have to watch as you’re dragging out the guideline to make sure you stay on axis. With a little practice it becomes second nature.

Sorry.room interior.skp (26.1 KB)
Yes. W/o looking, I think that may be it. I will take a look.

That’s it! Thanks. Very unaccustomed to a 3D environment.

You’ll get accustomed to it. Eventually you’ll get to the point where you actually have to work to do something like you showed in your screen shot.

One day you’ll be looking at a photo on a website and you’ll press on the center mouse wheel in an attempt to orbit.

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Since I have you, what version would you recommend to me to settle on? I am a children’s book illustrator, wanting to model my subject (fire engine, train, etc.) once and then export the different views to my Adobe Illustrator work space. I see SketchUp, SketchUp Make, SketchUp Pro. I haven’t researched very deep yet.

SketchUp Pro would be the version you need to use as the others don’t provide the required license. You might also find it useful to add LayOut in your workflow because of some of the tools it has available. And if you want to use sketchy line styles, you can make your own with Style Builder to create a signature hand-drawn style.

Yeah. I thought as much. Was hoping for a cheaper option :wink: I have made multiple stabs at Blender, since it’s free, but it’s nowhere as intuitive as SKP and takes special rendering settings to create the simplicity I need in my books. I’ll have to ask for it for Christmas.

You should have asked for it for Halloween. :smiley: Maybe it’s not too late.

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