Perspective views (am I missing them or are they coming)?

I couldn’t find a feature roadmap for my.sketchup and I didn’t find any posts about perspectives. Anyway, do perspective views exist in my.sketchup? If not, are they planned?

I’ve used the installed version of Sketchup over the past few years and really find perspectives helpful, so now I really miss them.

You’ll never find any “future plans” kind of lists. Trimble is a publicly traded company, and employees cannot make those kind of statements.

It opens from a default template with the view in perspective mode.

The ability to switch between standard views or change to a parallel projection camera has not yet been implemented.

Hi guys,

We haven’t implemented any of the more advanced camera tools yet, but should have something for you to play around with before too much longer.


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Parallel projection camera.

Can you tell us if you have advanced in this way? And will be soon have the parallel projection camera option?
Thanks for all your work :wink:

No updates on this feature yet, but stay tuned. We recognize how important it is to be able to use parallel projections in SketchUp.


John said, …

For those interested in this feature. Please check out My.SketchUp today. We would really love to hear your feedback about the implementation and where it’s placed.

Eric Bohn
UX|UI Designer

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Nice implementation!

Thank a lot for all your work. That’s fantastic.


(1) View control panel:

  • The tabs for Perspective and Parallel Projection are a bit close together (small in area.) It appears you have more space to give a larger “click area”.

  • Otherwise it works okay.

  • However, I puts too much on the “Views” panel. Ie, cause it too have too much vertical space.
    Perhaps there could be 2 horizontal tabs to the right of the “VIEWS” label.

    • one with a camera icon (that shows the standard view buttons
    • another with the clapper to bring the “Scenes” panel to the front.

And since we are on this subject of the “Views/Scenes” panel. It is really annoying that the Scene manager toolbar is running away from the user’s mouse each time they click “+” to add a scene.
In the Desktop editions, this toolbar is at the top of the scenes listing. This is where it should be.
Do you really wish to make users scroll all the way to the bottom of the scene list to use the toolbar ?

(2) Panels in general:

  • They are difficult to work with when all stacked up in one pile like they are now.

  • The scrollbar is not working correctly. It doesn’t know how tall the stack of panels really is, when the “Display” panel is collapsed.

    • The space between the arrows should represent the entire “document” (in this case the stack of panels,) and the scroll handle height represents how much of the document is visible and what part of the document is displayed (of the whole,) according to it’s position in the scroll bar.

Hi all,

For those interested in this feature. Please check out My.SketchUp today. We would really love to hear your feedback about the implementation and where it’s placed.

I come back to this topic as I don’t find perspective and standard views neither.
As a DIYer, I’ve been using free desktop Sketchup versions for years and was still using 2016 desktop version until recent MacOS updates made it obsolete. I use Sketchup 2 or 3 times a year to draw plans for furnitures and guitars, as I am an amateur luthier. So I really need to print plans and templates in standard flat views as previous free desktop versions permitted. Where are those features hidden ?

Thanks for helping


Right hand toolbar, Scenes Tab.

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OMG … it was so easy …
Thanks !
Now I have to find a way to print them to scale ! :slight_smile:

You probably mean to fit cleanly on a page? Perspective intentionally does not have a uniform scale across the view! Things farther away are drawn smaller than closer ones.

Hi, thanks for your answer
I need to make templates. The way I used to do it was to make my drawings in Sketchup, then print them (without perspective) on paper at scale 1:1 and glue the printings on the wood. So I have accurate drawings for cutting and routing.
It worked perfectly with old versions of Sketchup but now you have no printings options anymore in the free version. That’s very, very disappointing to me !

Print to scale might be something the Shop edition could implement in the future.

Or it could already be implemented.

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I haven’t loaded the web version in over a year. Is this in only Shop or both ?

It’s Shop.

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yep, and that’s the point : I don’t plan to pay 119$/year (or whatever the price is in Europe) for a feature of a software I use twice a year … Especially when this software used to be totally free and downloadable for years.
I’m tired of being scammed by software editors, first of them being Adobe (I can’t even use their softwares I paid for !)