Hi Could someone explain the views in Sketchup to me


Hi all,my name is Dan Martin and am brand new to Sketchup. What I can’t get my head around is the view in Sketchup I.E. front,side.top and back don’t seem to be 2d like say in 3ds Max or Maya. If I am in say front view I can still move something along 3 axis not just two so of course I get very confused!! Is their away to truly make my views(except perspective) truly 2d.

Dan Martin



You can make the views 2D by changing the camera from perspective to parallel projection.

Camera > Parallel Projection



You can change the camera to Parallel Projection to get the appearance of a 2D view but SketchUp is a 3D modeling application so you need to keep that in mind. Look in the Camera menu to Parallel Projection.

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So then there is no “real” 2D view then like in just any other 3d App then? (that will take some getting used to LOL).
Oh and my other pet peve no Gimbel for roatating either. It seems like the rotate compass ring IS 2D I.E. one axis at a time then.

Thanks for your answers I will just have to get used to a more limited tool set than I am used to.

So then there is NO 2D view in Sketchup like in all the other 3D programs I use, only a paraelle camra view right?.
That will take some getting used to LOL. Oh and my other pet peve is the rotate tool(no gimbel like other 3D apps either?)

Dan Martin



If you want real 2D, you should be using a 2D program, not a 3D modeler.

Yes, the Rotate tool works in one axis at a time which makes it much easier to control how entities get rotated.

IYou can still make 2D views from a 3D model if you need them. Like this.

Which was made from the 3D model of the bench.

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If you hold the shift key while orbiting, you can “pan” to keep the camera in the “2d view”. This feels very much like a 2d program.
By the sounds of things I think you’d benefit from creating “scenes”, that Dave is touching on.



Hi Dave if you have used something like 3ds Max or Maya you would see how easy a Gimbel is to use. Max and Maya are 3d programs as are ZBrush, Houdini, Cinima 4D. I am not trying to troll here just trying to get my head around Sketchup that’s all. (There is a lot I really like in Sktchup BTW)

Dan Martin



Well, SketchUp is different, and the UI design is centered on making modelling work in a single 3D view. Another feature not needed in SketchUp is “workplanes”. When you get used to it, the others with their viewport divided in four views and workplane creation will feel clumsy. I recommend that you use a perspective view for modelling from the start - it is much easier to grasp what you are doing. SketchUp has a set of 3D snap functions called inferencing, and when you get a grasp of those they help a lot.


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