Can my.Sketchup be locked into 2d mode

just trying to put my.SketchUp into 2d so i can print some plans and elevations to bring with me to the Timber Yard. Any ideas appreciated

If you are on the pro version, taking models through layout is the best way to create 2d Plans and elevations having created specific views (scenes).

If you stay in sketchup, go to the camera drop down and uncheck perspective or select parallel projection. Then use the various views (also under camera/standard views / top, front, right side left side etc to get the views you need, you can save each one as a scene (view / animation / add scene) when selecting these scenes which will appear as tabs, they can be exported as 2d graphics (export/ 2d ).
To make these views easier to get to you can set them up in the toolbars view/toolbars/views, which will give you icons to access the views which will staye on screen. Also worth noting, is that when you are in a parallel view, do not use the orbit tool to move around as you will get off a true parallel view, use the pan tool… if you get off, select the appropriate view again to correct it.

When you have geometry that is “off” the x,y or z plane, you can select the face that needs to be parallel and context click (right click) and select align view.

Sometimes it is also convenient to coppy your model, orientate it at a 90 degrees next to the original, and you can have 2 or 3 views at once in the frame.


Some very good tips there for SKETCHUP@whiterabbitdesigncompany

Of course the advice doesn’t apply to my.SketchUp which is what the OP is asking about.

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Oh I wouldn’t know that! but great for sketchup anyway (woops)
I haven’t investigated my.sketchup and thought it was an online version of Sketchup. It would seem it is only a basic dumbed down version from what I see on here.
What is the attraction of My.Sketchup?

for now…

select a top face…

hover an axis >> right click >> align view…

select Zoom Tool >> type 1 >> return…

Zoom Extents…

take a screen grab…


EDIT: updated example with style change and axis off…

you can get your ortho views in my.sketchhup by right clicking on a face and selecting align view. add dimensions, pick a simple style (construction doc) turn off axes for clarity. screen grab to save images.

my.sketchup is a cloud based Sketchup than can be used from any compatible browser - NOT restricted to full blown Mac or PC computers.

As far as my.sketchup being a “dumbed down” version. You’re right, but methinks your expectations are wrong! my.Sketchup is in public Beta test and features are added regularly, but some things aren’t likely to appear soon:

  • ANYTHING Ruby based! Including:
    Dynamic Components

  • ANYTHING that is not available in Make.

While Trimble is forbidden from making forward looking statements (since they’re publicly traded), the general tenor of their staff’s comments indicate that they are first trying to duplicate the functionality of Make (less the Ruby necessary stuff). Once there, it is unclear whether they will next attempt to add Ruby or a paid model including some Pro features.

Thanks for the reply
I know the software is in ongoing development even though it is currently not as functional as Sketchup, as I have found out day by day on here!

I haven’t tried it but haven’t felt the need.

So it can run on a tablet or a phone?
How do you operate it decently without a mouse?


I was there when it was first released as an invitation only beta at Basecamp 2016. I immediately tried it on my Android Tablet (Pixel C) and was warned (by my.sketchup) that it wasn’t yet tablet compatible.

I went ahead and tried it anyway, and it worked well for most things. The biggest problem is that the screen layout caused some tools to appear off screen - and hence were unselectable! I don’t recall exactly which ones.

Drawing works fine with a touch screen. So does orbiting, zooming, and panning - although you have to choose each tool first.

This was June of 2016 - and I haven’t had a reason to try using it (at all, much less on my tablet) since, so I don’t know if things have improved on a tablet since then.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

From what I see the mobile device market is the big pull, but of course has it’s limitations compared to make on pc etc.
I don’t think I’ll ever come across such a versatile program like Make that is given away, I remember the awesome moment when I push pulled my first 3D object!
Obviously on pc etc Make is the go to for newcomers as it has full functionality.(and already has plugins)
However if you are one of the few that still uses tablets nowadays (I don’t know many)then I suppose My.Sketchup is a good start to things.
Of course you can use your tablet to show models in realtime I expect when on the go, so that could be useful.

Thanks for your words I have learned a little!

Thanks John you hit the nail on the head cheers

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Thanks for the help everybody

HI I ve just bought a samsung tab S3 and was trying web sketchup but somehow orbiting, zooming and panning is not working in my updated chrome. Any lead if there is a solution to it. thnx for updating.