Simple instructions to create a 2D model?


I am testing this app out to see how good it is. I am looking to start out with a 2D model of my remodel project. On the web app - but nothing seems simple. Not even asking how to make a 2D drawing - too many instructions.

I just want to begin to create a 2D rendering. What is the nomenclature to move into that perspective? Or is this something I can’t do on the web app?

Please keep it simple.


To be honest, it’s a 3d program, why not use a 2d program if that is what you want.


I want to be able to graduate when I am ready. If there isn’t a way to do this then why not say so? I won’t be offended. I will just delete my account. If there is a way I would love to know. But I would appreciate simplicity.


It’s certainly possible to make a 2D drawing of your house but like anything else, you need to learn how to use the basic tools. Spend some time learning them first and then get to modeling your house.

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What are the tools names to generate a 2D reference frame. How to change the axes from 3 to 2? That is really all I want to understand. Is this something possible?


Use the View menu on the right to change to top, this will position you above the z axis.
But nothing you do will stop the fact you are in a 3d environment.
As Dave said, you’d be better off learning how to use the tools in general, then see about 2D.


It’s a 3D modeling application. You don’t change the axes from 3 to 2. Just go to Views and choose Parallel Projection and then select the view you want.


Thank you for your help - but I don’t agree.
I can’t find the camera-standard-top view with parallel projection mode
If this isn’t possible in the web version - just say so.
that is the help I wanted. Simple help.
My question is can this be done.
If so, why not just answer? Apparently I am missing the iconography for that menu - if it is not there then it is not there.


I give up.


I think that the disconnect is that there are no 2D tools or 2D mode in SketchUp. Even if you view from above in parallel projection, you are STILL drawing in 3D space. Asking “how do I draw in 2D with a 3D program” is like saying “teach me to drive this submarine, but only on above water.” You still have to know all of the tools to move the submersible, even if you are using it as a boat.


The difference between a 2d drawing and a 3d model. In parallel projection from above they look the same. But when viewed fully they are very different things.

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I gave you a screen shot to show you where to find it. Does that not help?


Me too. No real help just go figure it out. I am sure you all are quite competent - those of us who are not need help - pointers. I thought that was what community was for.


Thank you for your explanation. I understand this now. But I still don’t see where the top view parallel perspective is in the tool bar. I want to work from that view as this is the picture I have in my head.


Since you’ve totally ignored my help so far, I have to assume you don’t really want help so I give up, too.

If you read through the forum you will see that Box and the rest of us are very willing to help those who want to be helped.


@DaveR pretty much showed you everything… click the views icon on the right side, select Parallel Projection, then click on the overhead view icon.

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Once you have a grasp of how to use the basic drawing tools (rectangle, line, arc, circle, etc), building an accurate 2D drawing in SketchUp is more than possible, as long as you stay locked to a parallel projection view. I do this all the time for floor plans, which I can later “pull” up into a 3D model.

A 2D view of a 3D model is called an “elevation.”

You can do all of this in the web app, and I think you will find it quite simple to do. :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone. I may have a Safari issue - switching to Chrome to see if I can pull up these menus - they are not fully showing up in my browser. It makes more sense now. monospaced, you have verified what I what I thought I had to do.

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