Can I do 2D plans out of a 3D model

Maybe a strange questions - but I have a lot of nice 3D components like furniture and pergolas - however I want to show them in a 2D drawing - not as 3D models - so what I want is like a “shadow” of the model on the ground sort of… Anyone who has a tip if this is possible?!

2D drawings come in one of two basic types, what might loosely be called elevation and section. A Top View is a kind of horizontal elevation. If you set a Top View in a scene and then choose Parallel Projection, you will get a bird’s eye view of your chair.

When architects produce plans of buildings, they are really horizontal sections. For an organic form like a chair, what you see will depend crucially on where you put the section plane.

Curic Make2D

FredoPortrait -

I think Curic Make2D is only available as part of the Studio package which is $99…

Thank you - easy as that - I have never really understood when to use parallel projection :slight_smile: now I know.

These tools looks really neat - will investigate these further - thank you for sharing!

Draw yourself a simple open topped box and then see how Top View looks in Parallel and Perspective projection. The latter is of course more realistic but less useful as a technical drawing.

Similarly, if you have a 3D model of your chair and your camera view is at an angle to it, it will look natural in Perspective View but distorted in Parallel View. So it’s horses for courses and SU allows you to suit the view to the task.