Is it possible to produce 2D views


Can I model something in Sketchup and print out 2D top, front, side views? I currently create small part drawings for submission to our machine shop. They are accustomed to working off 2D drawings like AutoCAD produces.


It’s possible to do it directly from SketchUp, but it’s a pain. Since you are using SketchUp Pro, you also have Layout - which is designed specifically to create construction documents from SketchUp models.


Whether doing it directly from Sketchup or via Layout, you will want to start with a separate scene for each view - and all of them set to menu choice: Camera/Parallel Projection.

Then choose from the relevant standard view for each scene: Top, Front, Side.

Alternatively, if you want them all at once in Sketchup itself, you can make two extra copies of the whole model made into one component, place them in different positions, rotate to show the desired face ‘up’, then adjust the viewpoint and view window for each scene in Top or Front view.

There’s been a post in the Sketchup forum about this in the past couple of months -

Here’s a link to the thread:

It gave this example:
3 views.skp (32.7 KB)

Hope that’s clear enough - post again if not.