3d to all 2d view

I have a 3d object, and wish to export it so that it shows all 3 view of the 3d object.
top view, side, iso view.

Can sketchup do it?

Please be more specific. Does your 3D object created in sketchup or in other Software? And to answer your question, YES 3D objects can view in different views by clicking from the tools named ISO,TOP,FRONT,RIGHT,BACK,LEFT.

There are actually six standard orthographic views, which I won’t bother to list: just think of a cube. Usually, two or three of these are deemed sufficiently descriptive for a given object.

The five orthographic view buttons on the Views toolbar omit the seldom-used bottom view. The isometric view has each receding axis inclined equally to the viewing plane. All of these camera positions must be used in combination with Camera > Parallel Projection if you wish to simulate conventional drafting views.


Hi Johnny, hi folks.

Set animation to NO transition time and scene delay of 0.

Set the camera to parallel projection.

Select top view. Create a scene

Select front view. Create a scene.

Select Right view. Create a scene.

Export an animation with frame rate at 1 frame per second and using file format as jpg images.

One image will be created from each of the 3 scenes that you previously created (3 images with this example), using only one Export operation. Of course you can use as many scenes and as many views as you want (Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left, Right, Iso or even other possibilities. I used Top, Front and Right only as an example.

Just ideas.



Hi everyone, sorry for the late reply. got sick.
Anyhow, that’s exactly the view i want top, front and right, but print all out one a single sheet in 2d view.

This can be done in LayOut (the companion application to SketchUp Pro version). Before the advent of LayOut I used the workaround of making my model a component, creating a top view, and placing differently oriented copies of the model alongside each other.


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Hi Johnny, hi folks.

Use any word processor or image editor and combine the three image files on one page.

You can even import these images in SketchUp and arrange them side by side or whatever suits you and then export the result as a single image file or print it directly from SketchUp.

Just ideas.


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thank you again everyone. Yes layout seems like the way.
But when I click layout, it shows this 1 view, how do i bring all 3 views i want to layout. Then once in layout i would want to export it to dwg.
Jean_lemire_1, thanks for the image recommend. Unfortunately, i would like to export to a cad drawing. :smile:

Two suggestions (maybe I am missing something). Create the three scenes you want to display in SU. then insert the model into Layout. When you are on a Layout page, you need insert the SU model into three separate viewports and each one will then show a separate scene on one page. My question is why would you then want to export to a cad drawing. You are in a cad drawing. In Layout you can dimension, annotate and then print.

My second suggestion is if you are on Windows you have a utility program called “SnipIt” Navigate your model until you have the view you want then use SnipIt to create a jpg. You can then import the jpgs into Layout without inserting the model into the viewports or directly into you other cad program.

Does this make sense. What am I missing?

Mr. Gully have the answer, I use the isometric views and put dimensions in separeted layers.
Using paralel projection you have a 2D drawing, save it in PDF and print

Um, thanks @giovannisemprini, but maybe we aren’t quite on the same wavelength. That is, even though all the orthographic views and an isometric view are available in SU depending on your camera position and lens setting, you can still display only one of these views on your screen at a time, unless you do as Anssi suggested and make a separate copy of the model for each view (preferably using components).

That’s why people are recommending that you [edit: sorry; they’re actually recommending that @johnny_heng do the exporting] export your orthographic views and import them into some sort of page layout program such as a word processor or a drawing program, where you can arrange them on a single page. The whole concept of a “page” with borders and a Title block is unknown within SU, whereas you can create these easily with just about any page oriented app. Perforce, you will have to settle for an image format rather than a true CAD fornat (e.g., dwg, dxf) unless you have Pro, since SU Make doesn’t have a dwg/dxf export filter. But of course, if you have Pro, you should use SU’s very own page layout program called LayOut to create your 2D drawing.

At the risk of stating the obvious, I will remind you that SU is a 3D modeling program, and it’s not very good at making 2D documents–it never claimed to be: that’s why LayOut was created. If you really wish to create quality 2D drawings easily (or at all), you’d be much better off using any of a number of alternatives, either a CAD program (AutoCAD or a work-alike) or a drawing program, such as CorelDraw or Illustrator. Let us know if you would like some specific recommendations and hyperlinks, although they’re not hard to find by Googling.


Is this what you are looking for?
The Front will use in layout. In layout, select the “Front” scene and then its all yours.
by using the Isometric projection method and component, you can create the 3D to 2D diagram on a single sheet of paper. Of course, don’t forget to put them in color by layer style.
This is how I manage them.

To learn more on how to rotate the 3D object to 2D, please search “wiki Isometric projection”.

I am new to Sketchup and CAD software, I have only 2 years experience. Please let me know there is a better way to do it.

@johnny_heng please let me know if this method helps or not.

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Thank You everybody for everyone opinions. I definitely learnt a lot.
the 2d cad i’m using is autocad. but the 3d.
kwcnasa, that’s what i am looking for in the CAF ISO mode where i want to show the isometric projection.

Thanks everyone.

I’m also new member but I’m happy to see your path. Thanks so much…Because it is helpful ever.