How to paste object from right view to top view?


I’m hoping that a Sketchup guru can help…
I have created a number of objects in Sketchup on the RIGHT view of a model.
I have exported this as a DXF file
When I try to open the file in a 2D CAD program (Draftsight) all I see is a single line. It appears that Draftsight is looking DOWN on the object.
How do I copy the object into the TOP view of Sketchup so that Draftsight (or any other 2D CAD program) can see it?



I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding about how SketchUp works. The drawing space is represents 3D space, not 2D. So to make it so you can see your model in a top view as you describe, you only need to rotate the geometry through 90°. Select it all and use the Rotate tool. Check the Help files on the Rotate tool, first. Start here.


Thank you. So simple. All sorted now - much appreciated.



If you don’t find a guru, a SketchUp sage will jump in … :wink: