Copy top view in Layout

In Layout I made an orthographic views. I need to copy the top view and export it as a DXF. Then import into Coreldraw so I can laser engrave and cut this view.
I tried doing this but what happened was the Layout page was imported. Any suggestions??


You need to be sure to vectorize your SU viewport. For guidance, have a look at the quick video tutorial from SketchUp Campus’s LayOut Essentials track -


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I need to copy the top view and export it as a DXF. Don’t need other views exported. Appreciate any answers:)

LO only exports the full pages. There is no way to export a single viewport if others are on the same page.

You will want to create a new page with only the “top view” viewport. When exporting, you can then export only that page using the dwg/dxf export options dialog.



Thanks for the video.
I did draw the design, an airplane wing, in Sketchup Pro TOP View. Exported it as DXF. Went to LO, used Insert but the DXF did not appear in LO. HELP! Thanks.

Why would you export a DXF from Sketchup into Layout. It would be much faster and more productive to create a scene of your wing in Sketchup and then send the model to Layout. You’d get a viewport in Layout, which you could scale to the right size, render it in vector, and then export to DXF, DWG or PDF if needed.

If you already exported the DXF from Sketchup, why not use it directly in Coreldraw then?

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Good questions.
Since I grew the design in top view, do I export it as 3d model or 2d graphic?

Do you need a 3d model or a 2d graphic?

I was under the impression CorelDRAW would only accept 2d graphics, but these days a lot of things might have changed…

Corel Draw does just 2d. I did manage to export the SkP in DXF and imported it into CD today. Tomorrow I will see if this works well with the laser engraver.

Also, I just wanted to learn how to export the SKP as a DXF into LO but only got it to work once out of many tries. After it worked once I thought I could replicate the process again but apparently no so.