Sketchup Layout To DXF

Trying to convert my 2D Drawing from Layout to DXF for our manufacturer. Having trouble with it exporting correctly.

Any basic tips? Looks like nothing is exporting to the file.

DOUBLE HES ANGLE.layout (1020.8 KB)

If youre curious what Im working with…

The first thing I see if that you have the viewports set to render as raster. They should be set to Vector or Hybrid in order to get the vector line work you need.

Another thing I note is that you are using the Last saved SketchUp view for your scenes. This is just about guaranteed to give you trouble if you have some reason to go back to the Sketchup model to make any updates.

FWIW I had a little bit of a play with your file. You have 2 references that appear to point at the same file. I suspect you copied and pasted from SketchUp to LayOut as this is a common way to do that but it’s not the right way. You should send to LO once or insert the .skp file into LO once. After that copy and paste the viewport(s) within the document.

I set up scenes to show the channel. A perspective 3/4 view for the first page.

And front, top and right views for the 3-view on the next page. I set them up in 3rd-angle projection.

I broke the top and front views into three and added break line as there are no featured in those large spaces. This allows the views to be shown at 1:1 and makes it easier to add dimensions. Since you did the dimensioning in fractional units, I did the same however I would expect a part like this to be dimensioned using decimal units and there should be a tolerance specified. Some of your dimensions seem weird. I don’t know if that’s the way they are supposed to be or if that’s error in modeling. You model display precision was set to 1/16" which is quite coarse for this sort of model. Again, I have no idea what the right dimensions are supposed to be so I didn’t change them.

I also don’t know what dimensions are important regarding the locations of the holes but I dimensioned to avoid creating conflicting dimensions.