Export Layout to DWG/ DXF gone wrong

Hi there,

I can’t correctly export to DWG/ DXF from Layout
Some Sketchup views are doubled and in a wrong position:

No matter, if exported with SKP views in Vector or Bitmap…


I would be grateful for a solution…
Sketchup is 2023



in layout, go to the document preferences (the panel with paper size and all)
in the render section, you should have a thing like “force render to hybrid”

turn that off and try again.

it’s new, turned on by default on older files, and it causes export problems to some people.

Thanks for your quick reply,

but I don`t have this option…

Layout Version is 23.0.419 …

Oh wait no, my bad, I thought you were already on 23.1

Might want to upgrade to 23.1 , it fixes a lot of bugs on the PC version. a lot.

you can also share the layout file here on the forum if you want us to check it. either drag it to the answer window (like the images), or through wetransfer / similar if it’s too heavy