Errors when exporting LayOut file to .dwg

Hi all

I made floorplans using SKetchUp, which then I exported to LayOut so I could add dimensions. Now I want to send the files to a structure engineer and he needs to have the .dwg. However, I keep getting errors when I exported the LayOut file to .dwg, it kept crashing. I tried to only export some pages only (I made a copy and deleted the pages with perspective views), it finally converted to .dwg, but the layers wouldn’t show! With only dimensions, the .dwg looks like this:

Any advice what I should do?

Did you render the viewports as vector or hybrid? Or did you leave them rendered as Raster?

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I left them as raster.
But there are some pages (which I deleted because they prevented exporting) that have viewports as hybrid.

Raster viewports are exported to DWG as image references, to get lines you have to set them to Vector rendering. Hybrid is generally no use here - it exports both the lines and the raster image.


It works, it works! Thank you so much!