Export from Layout 2014 to .dwg

Export from Layout 2014 to .dwg (Copied from recently retired Google Forum)

I have been all over and can’t seem to find this problem listed anywhere. I have seven pages of drawings in Layout. I have converted everything to Vector. I choose export to dwg/dxf. Set all pages. (I’ve tried all the obvious settings, paper vs. model space, etc.) I click “export” and the dialogue box never goes away. In the file folder the .images file is created and sometimes one .dwg page shows up, but with only the border and title block (and those are in rather rough shape aesthetically). No other pages appear. It doesn’t seem like the program is doing anything (task manager doesn’t indicate it is, the cpu isn’t being tasked by layout or any other program that I can see.) I’ve left it up for several minutes at a time, and nothing. Am I not waiting long enough? I just don’t see this working at all. Thoughts?

J. V. Lee, Architect - Aug 15
I’m not sure what is happening in the process described, but I recommend uploading your skp file and the LO file associated with it. Maybe one of us can then suss out what needs to be done. If your files turn out to be too large to post as regular attachments, then you might try uploading the files with a cloud based server such as GoogleDocs or Dropbox.

KJGC Design - Aug 18
Thanks. I’d appreciate any help you might be able to give. Here is the model: Dropbox - Error
Here is the Layout file: Dropbox - Error

I now have tried everything I know to try. I can get dimensions and objects created in LO to export. I’ve converted all the drawings to vector based and attempted to move them. I’ve had some parts of the LO drawings export, but nothing whole. Thanks again for any help you might give.

J. V. Lee, Architect - Aug 18
I downloaded your files and performed several export operations: first I attempted an export to DWG/DXF format and although the import appeared to have been successfully concluded, the individual file sizes are relatively small and nothing appears in the actual files. This may be attributable to several missing files. The missing files are revealed in Layout by clicking File > Document Setup > References.

I was able to export and generate pdf files and image files that appear to accurately represent the working files as uploaded. Each of the resulting file documents are included in a zipx file. I hope that the pdf files and/or the png files are useful.

The link to the files is included here:


In my practice, I find that presenting pdf file output is actually preferable to printing dwg files because the data is more easily accessible to reviewers and clients, since not all entities will have the requisite cad software to read the dwg/dxf format AND the reviewers/clients are essentially oblivious to the program used to produce the materials.

You have developed an intriguing set design. Congratulations.

I’m having the same problem and I am in a crunch to get my drawings to an engineer for permitting. If you found an answer somewhere else please share.

Its like everything in the layout gets exported but the sketchup model doesn’t go with it but is in the png image files.

Found answer, make sure your model is rendered in vector.

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