Layout 2017 glitchy export to dwg


When I try to export a .dwg file from Layout 2017 it does one of several things. 1 - it crashes, 2 - it says export successful, but there is no file generated, 3- it exports pngs of the raster images on the page. wt…?


Are you rendering the SketchUp viewports as Vector or Hybrid? Or are you leaving them as Raster?


Some were vector, some were raster. The vector ones didn’t show up at all.


I notice the same issues.


Our office is having this same issue.


Are you using a black background in AutoCad? LayOut sometimes exports black lines as black lines (RGB 0,0,0) instead of AutoCad colour 7. RGB colours in AutoCad do not react to your screen background colour so what you might be observing is black lines on a black background.



No, the export isn’t even making a file.


Hi Anssi. Thanks for responding to my query. I do not believe it is a
question of black lines on a black background. I have used AutoDesk 360
online viewer to open the file, as well as AutoCAD DWG TrueView,which I
downloades, and a version of AutoCAD 2010 that I have on another computer.
I all cases I get a text print out on a white background instead of any
image. Like this:[image: Snip of AutoCAD DWG TrueView2017.JPG]


… so I made a brand new layout file and copied just one of the pages of
the new one and then exported from that file. It seems to work just fine…
Not sure what was going on…


Now I get it., I think… I had to select Export Entities as Color by Layer.
In which case even the rasters exported… Sorry for doubting too quickly…


To me it indicates that your view is using Raster rendering. I usually have no use for raster images inside AutoCad files and use only Vector rendered views for exporting.

Another possibility: If some of the viewports are showing and others not and you have many of them on a single page, you might have the AutoCad MAXACTVP setting set too low (I think 16 used to be the default). I don’t know how this would be controlled in Autodesk 360. There are also settings that control image display (technically they are XREFs)

Have you looked what you have in the Model space of the file?