Dwg conversion issue

Can export layout drawing to dwg file but when it is imported into autocad lt and exploded all model lines are missing

Are you set to Raster or Vector for your viewports?

Share your file so someone can take a look…

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Are you starting with viewports from SketchUp? Did you render the viewports as Vector before export?

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Honestly, i have no idea, how do I find this out not an expert, just design the buildings / project put them into layout for planning drawings and then export them to dwg files for the technical drawings which are done in autocad lt, this worked fine up to early december 2023, now it doesn’t work even while using exact same layout drawings

Got to a page, select the viewport of the model you wish to check / change - then go to the SketchUp panel (pallet) and look for the rendering drop down:

More instructions here: