Layout to dwg export, only images no lines

I can’t figure out why when I export this file to dwg no lines appear in model space, I only get the images. I have no idea what I am missing here, thank you for any help.

Also, the help section is actually missing.

You don’t suppose it’s because the viewports are rendered as Raster instead of Vector? Without Vector linework in the LO file, there’d be no vector lines to export in the .dwg file.

You might also want to set some specific scale for the viewports while you’re rendering them as Vector. Currently they all have some random scale.

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By the way, it wouldn’t hurt to ensure proper tag usage in your model and purge unused stuff.
Screenshot - 4_21_2022 , 10_47_18 AM

Yeah, so that was it, thanks! All I use layout for is passing Autocad the line work, so the layout file is basically unused. The purge will save some drive space though, I do keep the file with the project. Much appreciated!

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Well, at least remember after placing the viewports to render as Vector and you should be good to go.

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