Export from Layout to DXF or DWG

I have been trying to export my layout file to DXF or DWG all day to no avail. The actual DXF/DWG file is created but when i open it into autocad the page is empty! I have tried selected all the different options in the export options box. I have converted everything to Vector. I have even tied to ‘select all’ in autocad to try to change the line colour in case it was that. I have found no information on forums that has helped me yet.

Some possibilities:

  1. You are exporting to Paper space, and looking at the file in AutoCad in Model space. If you are using some non-Autodesk software, paper space objects might be totally unaccessible.

  2. You are using a black background in AutoCad. LayOut exports black lines with a custom RGB colour 0,0,0 assigned to them - they display black on all backgrounds, including black.


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This did it for me, text however is still missing. Any advice?