Layout DWG Export Crash/Bug

I have a Layout page with PDF logos in it. When you try to export it as a DWG for any available Autocad version, Layout 2017 crashes. I tested this on MacOSX as well as Windows10 and the same thing happens.

Took me a while to work out that this was the problem. You have to delete the PDF logos off your pages (and possibly purge the file) to get it to work.

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Are the PDF logos raster images?

No. They were vectorised PDFs. When Layout creates a folder to put the image files in, that is when it crashes/gets as far as it can in the export process.

Our office is having the same issue although it doesn’t necessarily seem to be related to PDF or raster images. Seems like the more references that are on a page, the more likely it is to crash. If it doesn’t crash I’ll get a message that says that the export was successful but then I go to the folder and there is no file there.

Has anyone had any progress on this issue? I’ve tried purging and I’ve tried exporting to all versions of AutoCAD, but it still crashes. How do I get around this?

Hi marrigoround, on the Mac we had a crash exporting to .dwg when the file contained a pdf in 2017 but a fix was made for 2018. You could change your pdf’s to another image type or upgrade to 2018.

Hello! I have been looking for a solution to why my .layout will not export to a .dwg.
I have checked to see if I have anything outside of the document borders and have fixed what I have found there, but it is still crashing after it creates a folder to put the images in. Does having a clipping mask over the PDF images I have on my .layout drawing matter when I go to export to .dwg?

Thank you so much for any help that can be offered!