Middle school students draw 3d wing to top 2d view

I am teaching middle school students to design an airplane front wing in Sketchup. It will be drawn in 3d.
Can someone guide me as how to change the 3d view into top 2d view then export the 2d geometry as a DXF?
Student goal is to take the DXF, open it in Corel Draw to laser cut the wing shape for their gliders.

The short answer to what you asked is to choose Top from the standard views, and Parallel Projection, then it should export as 2D DXF ok.

But, you don’t want to do it that way. You would get line segments instead of true curves, and CNC machines like true curves. You can still do the top view and parallel projection, but then export 3D Model, as DXF, and turn off Faces in the options.

Here’s a video Aaron made that goes over the advantages of doing it that way: