New here and need some help



HI, I need lots of help quickly, as I need to learn this asap. I have sketchup make 2017, a free one. I’ve figured some basics and watched some videos… I can’t seem to find how or even if a project with dimensions can be exported or adapted or changed to an orthographic view…


Top menu = CAMERA > Parallel Projection

Then use the view options to snap between camera angles.

Pretty sure it’s covered in the getting started videos on the SketchUp youtube channel.


Switch to Parallel Projection in top, front and side views. Add dims as needed.


Hi Mate, somehow when I did this it only lets me see one view, like the top if I choose it. I can’t figure out how to get mine to show up like yours… i’ll try attaching some screen shots of separate views…


Hi mate, see my reply to the guy below, with my screenshots… I tried what you said but that was all I could do


I don’t understand what you need, it seems to be working?

Ed: You want multiple views? I think @mics_54 just duplicated the model and physically rotated it so you could see views in one window (its actually 3 models…I think?).

If you want multiple orthographic views you will have to export multiple images and composite them.


I think you need to copy the part and rotate it then you will get different 2d views within one view.


Thank you for your help… I don’t understand how can I get it to show on one page???, the top, side and front views all on one page ? It only lets me do one at a time.
I want to be able to do something like this…(attached). I wonder if the 2nd top right tool called LAYOUT SEND TO LAYOUT needs to be used? Mine is GREY and won’t let me use it. Anyway I’ll put the pic below of what I am trying to do…


If you have SketchUp Pro you can do this in layout. If you don’t you need to use something like Photoshop or Gimp (a free image editor).


this is the sort of thing I need to be able to do.
Also, is there a standard drawing sheet that has the standard page border, and the information box as in the bottom right of the page, with scale, etc.


So yeah I wondered about that. So if I do get Sketchup Pro, I’ll be able to do what I want to do?
As in the example pic of the VICE ???


Yes you can create the drawing sheet in Layout or an image editor. If you can’t afford Pro in order to just lay out this image, use this instead:

Technically you can also make it in paint.


I can easily do this in PS, but I want my drawing program to do it all there, and to be able to transfer all the dimensions etc in one go.


Get Pro then and use layout.


I just find Layout restrictive in terms of layout design, but I don’t have a typical use case and I prefer to use Photoshop or INDD. Layout sounds like it will fit your needs.


right. I’ll do that. Then it should do what I want it to do. Just didn;t want to buy it and find out that it wouldn’t do what I want it to do. I can get a student licence for one year for $49 AUS


yes as you use make and do not have LayOut I merely copied the component model and rotated and placed the models on the same “page” representing your ortho layout. The Pro version would allow you to do this within the program.


ok seems like this is what I need to do. You can’t just buy the program hey, you have to subscribe to it yearly hey?


Hi again, I see from your screenshot that the same SEND TO LAYOUT icon near top right is also greyed out like mine, so I don’t get how it’s allowing yours to show the 3 views? Do you have Pro ?


You can take your whole model and make a component out of it. Then make copies and rotate them so you see different views next to each other. You can even go back and edit the component and the other views will update. I would call this the “poor man’s” 3 view drawing as you can even do it with SU Free and SU for Schools. This example is also using a section plane.

3 View drawing in orthographic plan view:

What is actually looks like if you look at it obliquely: