Screen display options

I remember using, a long time ago, a display option not offered in this toolbar:

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 9.16.44 PM
What I’m looking for is a view where the screen is segmented in 4 quadrants, with 1 for viewing from each (x,y,z) axis, plus another projection displaying the view offered by the leftmost button in the screencapped toolbar.

Is this option still available, and how do I access it?

Never been available as a native option. If you had it it was an extension, one I have never heard of.

I’ll take your word for it, but I could’ve sworn… Especially considering that SU is the only 3D modeling app I’ve ever used.

You can use four instances of a component to create the effect.

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Good idea, thanks.
One small drawback is that I’ll have to choose either parallel projection or perspective view for ALL the 4 quadrants, where I’d’ve liked to have 3 in one kind of view and 1 in the other.
But no biggie, thanks again.



Thanks Mike.
I was told via a different string that there was an extension for this, but the sender rightly pointed out that it was a bit of overkill to write it when it basically does what you describe, which isn’t rocket science.
I appreciate the input.

Yes this gives you the Views toolbar which will move your view to each of the standard views, but it doesn’t give the four screen split that Franquin was asking for.

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Hey evb,
Thanks for the reply, but if you look carefully at the screencap in the original post on this string, you’ll see that what you’re suggesting was square one in this discussion.
It’s been part of my toolbar for ages, and I do like it and use it a lot.
I must’ve seen what I was looking for in SU while trying out either Cheetah3D or Blender.